It’s only travel

The art of broadcasting information that happens on the roads. Or in other words, travel news…

We sometimes forget just how important it is to both a radio station and a listener. How many times have you heard someone at a radio station say “it’s only travel”?

As a radio station, travel news can really tick your local boxes and make the listener feel like you know their patch (even if you’re just reading it off INRIX). There are ways to read around it. You can add your own colour by looking where it is on a map (i.e. – it’s happened just near the chip shop on High Street)… How great does that sound to your listener?! Most of the time, that’s how they’d recognise it anyway. You never hear anyone say in everyday conversation “it’s just on the B5464 at the junction of the B5642″* (*B roads may have been made up for example purposes)

In a lot of cases, the travel news will also trigger off the TP on someone’s radio, making it flick over to that station whilst a bulletin is on. What a great opportunity to tease or even do some content too! Even if it’s just one line.

There’s also the common argument that people can check the internet for travel news, but can you really do that whilst driving? Also, is it as accurate? Does the internet service have calls from real people who have been stuck in the queues? Nope, but your local radio station does. It has real people listening.

My first broadcasting opportunity on FM was doing travel and even now it remains something that I regard as important to radio station. Having answered calls about travel, it’s great to know that we help each other out when we spot something.

That is what radio is all about. Connecting with each other.

Travel is local and relatable, two good reasons (apart from music) for a listener to like your radio station. Be proud of it!

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